An expert on microwaves Dr. Barrie Trower talks about the implications of microwaves in this extensive interview.

Some key take-aways from this presentation:

  • Microwaves can be used on people to make them hear voices. This raises questions about other phenomenas occurring such as “spontaneous” violent actions as a result of mind control.
  • Microwaves can change the DNA of cells in or bodies. This also includes viruses and bacteria.
  • Project Tetra and police use of technology. This experiment will continue till 2018!
  • Stimulating violent frequencies that affect behaviour of violent prone individuals
  • “Frying” brains and its affects on children using cell phones
  • What is ADHD? Is it a by-product of “brain frying”
  • Exponential increase in cancer
  • Parotid cancer increasing because people are placing their cellphones close to their heads
  • Exponential increase in brain tumors
  • Companies only discuss matters related to heating conventional food and do not discuss non thermal related issues
  • Operation Paper Clip employed ex-nazis to work on the concepts and applications of microwaves
  • Microwaves induce miscarriages in pregnant women

These are just some of the subjects discussed in this interview. Take a look at the video and form your own opinions.