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Gun control is a huge issue that needs to be discussed from many different perspectives. Undoubtably that guns need to be controlled but banning gun will result in a good outcome. A gun is a tool albeit a very dangerous one when used in the wrong hands. You can make this case for most “tools”. Why not a knife or car or a spoon ? The point is that guns are the paintbrush, the world is the canvas and the action of a man will remain the action of a man. But what use is a tool thats only main function is to kill or disable ? Violence is never the answer but turning a blind eye to evil is not going to make violence stop. If someone breaks into your house with a gun, do you call the cops or take matters in your own hands? Calling the cops might mean life or death waiting upwards of 15-20 minutes. Taking matters in your own hands will be life or death too but this time your not on your knees waiting, rather you are actively trying to secure your own fate.

Soldiers stand next to ammunition, plastic bags containing cocaine and weapons seized at the village of Guayabal in Veracruz March 6, 2012. The army seized four AK-47 rifles, two grenade launchers, three grenades, two armored cars, and bags containing cocaine and ammunition. No one was arrested in the operation, according to local media. REUTERS/Yahir Ceballos (MEXICO - Tags: CRIME LAW MILITARY) - RTR2YXVR

Secondly, if guns do get banned, how does that help the good, morale citizen? It does not! If guns do get banned the ones that will be able to access something that powerful are police and criminals. The average joe would not know where his locale black market is to pick up a gun and protect his family. On the other hand the criminals would undoubtable have an upper hand in finding markets inaccessible to the regular American. This means that the average person is unarmed and criminals will be armed. It is stupid to think that if you ban guns they will suddenly disappear and will only belong to cops and military. This world runs on money and these guns will move based on that need to make money, into the wrong hands. And ultimately, with all the issues of police violence, do you trust cops to protect you and serve the public? To them it is their job and to you it is your family. Police officers have shown again and again that they can not be trusted and a part of the reason is the power trip they get while holding guns and controlling the populace. We need to make sure that order is created not through fear but through freedom.

Not everyone should have a right to own a gun. This goes without saying that mentally unstable individuals, minors and criminals that have committed a serious offence should be banned from owing one. Also, people need to be trained on how to properly use guns. Without proper training and handling a good action could easily turn into a incidental causality.