Life always has a way of breaking down even the most strongest individuals. It is not a matter of how many times we fail but how many times we get up. These are top 5 ways to meet any challenge head on.


Accept That Life Is Hard 

Life is hard without a doubt, with 7.5 billion + people in this world all screaming, tearing and deceiving each other to get to the top. Some people get lucky in life, while others struggle everyday. The matter remains that the “struggle” is subjective from person to person. In the midst of our first world luxuries we often forget how fortunate we are. Our lives are by no means perfect but it is a dream for most. Some children are born without parents in a cruel world of famine and disease. Indeed others have it harder than others… It is important to take your situation into perspective and accept that all people are struggling all the time. Buddha said, “Life is struggle”. Nothing resonates more truth than that. The sooner we realize that everyone is going through the same thing is the moment that we find love. The “struggle” that is apparent in a stranger is the same “struggle” that is in you. Learn to love and connect with people with an open heart. Accept that life is hard so you may find love and ultimately find out that you are not alone!

   How Successful Do You Want To Be ?

What are you comfortable achieving? Pain is often created when ambitions are greater than reality. Whether it is a hobby, a job or romantic interest, find out how hard you are willing to work on it. A life of ambition but no work ethic will create a bigger disparity between your ambitions and reality, this will create pain, fears and inadequacies. Have an honest talk to yourself. Find out what your goals are in a realistic manner. Sort-of wanting to be good at something is just as admirable as wanting to be the best. Sort-of being good at something will also save you heartache and stress of trying to be the best. If your intentions are to be the best, you must put in the effort like you are the best at what your doing. This means less free time, less fun and more productivity towards your endeavours. So when you do anything in life, stay grounded! Ask yourself, “What am I comfortable with achieving?”.

      You Reap What You Sow 

The Law of Conservation of Energy states that, “energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed from one form to another”. Every second you invest your time and energy into doing something you want, you instantly reap the benefits. Any energy you put into studying your craft will make you incrementally better. We live in a entitled society which believes in instantaneous rewards. Life works more like gentle waves eroding a stone over a long period of time. The gentle waves of your continued effort will dissolve any obstacle in the way. You reap every last thing that you sow. In this universe of Karma there is no such thing as a wasted effort.

 Positivity From Peers 

You are the people that you hang around with. Avoid wasting your positivity on people with bad outlooks on life. It can be tough when this negativity is coming from those close to you. With positivity and a firm belief in yourself, you can do anything! Avoid people that belittle your efforts because they have no place in your bubble of reality. Find people that are passionate, adventurous and good hearted. These qualities will be instilled in you and as a collective group you can achieve anything. Even having just one good friend can change your outlook on life. Friends are like a bottle of wine, it only improves with age and maturity. Having a positive and caring person in your life can be the crutch you need when you fall down.

 Leaving Your Comfort Zone 

We are creatures of habit. We like to do the same things not because we are comfortable but because it is familiar. Life starts when you walk outside your comfort zone. Most people just need to reinforce to themselves not to be scared and to try new things. This momentum of being spontaneous and adventurous will seep into all aspects of life. Essentially by doing this we are getting rid of fears that we have about our inadequacies. Be forward thinking and always look to learn new things. This will make you bold as a lion in personal and business matters.