Donald Trump has always been known to have a way with his words. We know Donald Trump to be that controversial television personality who was also a savvy business man, generating a total net worth of $4.5 billion for himself (Forbes, October 2015).  The ambitious Trump is now running in the  2016  presidential election in the United States, and with him aggressively campaigning and  having his voice heard on a global scale, there has been some very both entertaining and disturbing things that have come from his mouth. The man just seems to have no filter at this point.

It started with the uproar about Donald’s comments about Mexicans and his stance on immigration and drug smuggling through the US and Mexican borders. He’s now continued to shock the world with this ignorance in regards to his beliefs on the Syrian refugee crysis, as Trump believes no Muslims should be allowed into the United States. He is calling for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States”.

What Trump fails to understand is that this is the exact propaganda ISIS is trying to push. Neglecting Muslims and being ignorant to their current issues only helps ISIS recruit and build further hate towards the west.

In response to Donald Trump’s ignorance, hacktivist group Anonymous has launched a full fledged threat via their Youtube channel towards Trump, and since have shut down his Trump tower website. This isn’t the Apprentice, Donald. The world is watching you this time.