epa02310452 A worker tends to cannabis plants at a growing facility for the Tikun Olam company near the northern Israeli town of Safed on 31 August 2010. In conjunction with Israel's Health Ministry, the company currently distributes cannabis or Marijuana for medicinal purposes to over 1,800 people to help relieve pain caused by various health conditions. EPA/ABIR SULTAN ISRAEL OUT


Cannabis usage has been a taboo by cultural standards, this does not reflect importance of this plant in an age of increasing cancer rates. We must destroy our prejudices in order to move forward and innovate in health industry with a natural substitute, opposed to pills and other synthetically made cures.

Legalization of this plant is being considered globally and nationally, according to Gallop polls, 58% of Americans believe that marijuana consumption should legalized. The interest in legalization has reached a majority but is slowed down by individuals with false preconceived notions of its side-effects and habitable abusers of this miracle plant. The topic of recreational use of cannabis is questionable in many regards; the use of cannabis for medication should be unquestionably accepted as you will soon see.

According to peer-reviewed medical reports, cannabis has been shown to have extensive health benefits, especially effective against broad range of cancers.



Cannabis Kills Tumor Cells


Cannabis Cures Colorectal Cancer


Cannabis Cures Uterine, Testicular and Pancreatic Cancers



 Cannabis-Derived Substances In Cancer Therapy and Anti-Tumour Properties


Cannabis Cures Brain Cancer



Cannabis Cures Mouth and Throat Cancer



Cannabis Cures Breast Cancer



Cannabis Cures Lung Cancer



Cannabis Cures Prostate Cancer


Cannabis Cures Blood Cancer


Cannabis Cures Skin Cancer


Cannabis Cures Liver Cancer



Cannabis Cures Cancer in General