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The “struggle” is what defines humanity, as we weave through the arduous perils of everyday life. We must continually struggle to fulfill our most basic needs; land, water and air. Man-made deterioration of the environment and commercialization of natural resources has left us slaves to corporate overlords.

The pillaging of land, water and air has ruined the purity of our natural resources.



Lush, fertile land allows us to cultivate food and create environments suitable for everyday living. In this paradigm we do not own land, rather it is distributed unequally amongst the financially secure. Everyone should have a right to land regardless of title or wealth. The overlords in power simply annex land and sell it to the highest bidder, this is clearly a scam, as they make a return on something totally free. The deception does not end here, the purposeful pillaging of land has made it a limited luxury resource. Good, fertile land is replaced with condos and pavement, decreasing the potentiality for natural abundance. We fail to harness the full capacity of Earth with irresponsible practices.



The human body is 60% water and it is fundamental to our wellbeing. In a planet that is 71% water, humans are still struggling to find clean drinking water. Water bodies serve many purposes to humans including food production and replenishment of water levels in the body. The act of overfishing has decimated one of the most coveted way of procuring food. The unconscious deed of polluting in our water systems has made drinking water toxic for human consumption. The very little amount of food available by water is quickly commercialized and our clean reservoirs of drinking water are bottled.



Air is under constant attack because of our immoral habit based on exploitation for personal gains. The air quality in main parts of the world are increasingly becoming a concern. Businesses have innovated, like in China, with the creation of BOTTLED AIR. Clean air will soon become a resource that is not readily available. This is when the big businesses will swoop in and try to exploit the situation by creating solutions for the symptom, rather than stopping the root cause of air pollution. The cause root cause of pollution, for the most part, is created from big businesses during manufacturing process of a product.


Until we are able to satisfy our need for land, water and air, we will forever be stuck in a lowered state of existence; because our primitive survival needs are not being met.