Opossums activate a unique protein in their bodies which neutralize all known toxins.



Turritopsis nutricula jellyfish can revert back to its polyp form and begin anew. They are virtually immortal!



Dogs are given the gift of extreme intuitiveness, they have have been known to have near telepathic powers which improves the longer they are with humans.



Hippos produce a reddish sweat that looks like blood in order to cool down.


Sea cucumbers can turn into a liquid and revert back to a solid.



The Lyrebird can reproduce any sounds it hears. It can mimic other animals and even machinery.


The Rhinoceros Beetle can carry 850 times its body weight.



Salamanders can recover lost body parts and even internal organs.



Dung beetles use the moon and stars as a compass to guide them, as they move their dung balls.



A female box turtle can store sperm within itself for many months. It will inseminate itself when it feels its ready.



Crocodiles eat stones, they use them to balance themselves in water and to crush food during digestion.


Whats more scary than a snake ? A flying snake !!!


Pistol shrimp has a claw that snaps shut so quickly it creates a cavitation bubble almost as hot as the surface of the sun. When the bubble collapses the noise can reach 218 decibels.


Mantis shrimp swing their arm out at 80kph when they punch, with about the same acceleration as a .22-caliber bullet. They can also see ALL of the spectrums of light, including ultraviolet, with their 16-color receptive cones.


Alpine ibex mountain goats excel at walking up vertical walls.


The horned lizard can shoot blood from its eyes to keep predators away.



Chiton: This mollusk forms its own magnetite teeth, which is the toughest, hardest thing ever created by a living organism.


Cardinal Fish spit out the Ostracods in what looks like a burst of bluish fire.



And tardigrades are pretty much indestructible.