This is an advance level technique in terms of the prerequisite skills required for success. The basis of this meditation requires one to pay attention to oneself. Quiet, empty, steady and introverted are key qualities necessary for being able to execute this method. Other names for this brand of meditation is “choiceless awareness” or “pure being”. Most books and anecdotes romanticize this form of meditation as being the ultimate level achievable via meditation. Traditional meditation techniques recognize that focusing on the “object” or the process of “monitoring”, is just a means to train the mind. The ultimate goal is to reach effortless inner silence and deeper states of consciousness. When meditation is done correctly the “object” of focus and the process of “monitoring” dissolve away, revealing the “true” nature of oneself (pure presence).

Examples are: Examples are: the Self-Enquiry (“I am” meditation), Tibetan Buddhism, some forms of Taoist Meditation; and some advanced forms of Raja Yoga.