Title: The Creator
Vehicle: Swan

Cool Facts:

  • Brahma was born a single seed in the cosmic waters of life. The seed turned into a golden egg from which Brahma arose 1000 years later. He then made the universe and everything in it using the remaining contents of the egg.
  • Brahma is the god of destiny and fate. Brahma writes the destiny/fate of the individual on their foreheads and this cannot be undone.
  • Brahma is depicted with 4 heads, 4 arms and 4 faces.
  • He created 10 sons and birthed the human race.
  • One day for Brahma is equivalent to 4.32 billion human years.
  • Brahma is the only Hindu god that does not wield a weapon.

One day a feud broke out between Vishnu and Brahma over who was more important to creation. To resolve this matter the two decided to ask a third God, Shiva. Shiva decided that the first person to see on top of his head will be deemed the winner. Shiva transforms himself into a huge form that spans many universes. Brahma notices a flower floating, who when questioned, revealed that it had fallen from Shivas head 1000 years ago. He convinces the flower to lie to Shiva on his behalf, that he has seen the top of Shivas head. This lie outraged Shiva, he condemned Brahma to never be worshipped on Earth. Vishnu decided another approach, he went on his knees and prayed to Shiva. Shiva in shock that another God is praying to him bowed to pick him up, thus Vishnu saw the top of Shivas head.


vishnu  Title: The Preserver
Vehicle: Bird

Cool facts:

  • His powers has no limit.
  • Vishnu actively tries to protect humans and restore balance to the world.
  • His life force is found in every object and force in all of creation, some sects of Hindus believe he is the divine being from which all things come.
  • He is depicted as having dark skin, like that of rain clouds.
  • The hood of Vishnus snake has all the planet in the universe. The snakes constantly sing praises of Vishnu to all the planets.
  • Vishnu, the Supreme Lord, can create unlimited universes and enters each one as the Lord of the Universe.
  • Vishnu reincarnates as various avatars throughout time during which humans are struggling.
  • Vishnu has over 1000 names.

The video below is the story of Ramayana, an avatar of Vishnu.


shiva  Title: The Destroyer/Transformer
Vehicle: Bull

Cool Facts:

  • He is the god who invented yoga.
  • Shiva has over 10,000 names.
  • When the world needs to be cleansed and reborn, Shiva will perform a special dance called ‘Tanvada‘.
  • When Shiva gets angry his third eye will open and vaporize any foe.
  • Shivas weapon of choice his trusty trident.
  • Mount Kailash is the place of his dwelling.
  • Shiva is sometimes depicted as half male and half female. This form of Shiva represents the yin-yang aspect of life.
  • Shiva has an arsenal of many weapons, including; a club with a skull, a sword, a spear made of thunderbolts and a bow made of rainbows.

On time the Gods were threatened by demons and asked Shiva for help. He agreed, on the one condition that he would need a portion of all the gods strength. He collected all of the gods strength and quickly vanquished the demons, however he did not return his borrowed strength . The result of this event made Shiva the most powerful being in the universe.


kali  Title: Goddess of Time/Death
Vehicle: Donkey

Cool Facts:

  • She is depicted as being violent, having dark skin, untamed matted hair, open blood shot eyes and a drooping tongue; all while standing on her husband (Shiva).
  • With the combination of Shivas powers, she has enough force to create and destroy planets.
  • She is often accompanied by a serpent and a jackal.
  • In her 4 hands she is carrying a sword, a trident, a severed head and a bowl to catch all the blood from the head.
  • In her ultimate form MahaKali, she is depicted with 10 arms, 10 legs and 10 heads.
  • Kali is often worshipped by tantrics, the followers of tantra. Some of these tantrics believe that practicing spiritual exercises in a cremation ground will bring success.

In one story Kali faces off against the demon army lead by Raktabeeja. Raktabeeja had a special ability, he can created multiple clones of himself using his own blood, making a formidable and near unbeatable army in the process. Facing certain defeat Kali does the only rational thing, she drinks all of Raktabeeja’s blood and eats all of his clones. After drinking all of Raktabeeja blood, Kali starts feasting on other slain demons and goes into a crazed dance  of death (this was very common in Kali myths. Kali loves nothing more than to dance, kill people, chop heads off, go crazy and kill more people). In order to calm her down Shiva allows himself to get trampled on, realizing she is stepping on Shiva, she sticks her tongue out in shame.