Origin and Meaning:

Transcendental Meditation is a very specific form of Mantra Meditation produced by Maharishi MaheshYogi in 1955 in India and the West. Maharishi gained notoriety because he was a guru for the Beatles, The Beach Boys and other famous celebrities.

This famous meditation form has over 5 million practitioners worldwide. There are many scientific papers written on this form of meditation, many sponsored by the TM organization. There are 600 peer-review papers in circulation regarding this popular form. There are however many critics of Maharishi and his organization, these accusation range from cultish behaviour to doubtful research practices.

How To Do It:

TM is not taught freely. The only way to learn more about this form is to pay one of the licensed instructors. The support and professionalism from the instructors are top notch.

In general TM involves the use of a mantra and is generally practiced for 15-20 minutes twice per day. This practice is done with the eyes closed. The mantra itself is not unique and is specifically chosen for the practitioner based on ones gender and age. The mantras are not merely tools in TM, rather they are Tantric names of Hindu deities.

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There are many spiritual initiations that one must take before delving deep into the practice. The initiation “puja” and the yogic flying initiation are common among TM practitioners.

Is It For Me? :

TM is very commercialized and requires one to pay. Due to this reason, this form of meditation is not recommended. If you wish to try something similar, try Mantra Meditation for free.