love and kindness

Origin & Meaning:

Metta is a Pali word that means kindness, benevolence and goodwill. This practice arose out of Buddhist traditions, especially the Theravada and Tibetan lineages. Compassion meditation is also another name for this tradition. This meditation technique has proven benefits: boostings ones level to empathize, positive emotions through compassion, loving oneself, increased self-acceptance, feeling of competence in life and increased feelings of purpose in life.

How To Do It:

“For one who attends properly to the liberation of the heart by benevolence, unarisen ill will does not arise and arisen ill will is abandoned.” – The Buddha

The practionor must close their eyes and generate feelings of kindness and benevolence in their heart and mind. Initially this pure loving energy will raise from oneself. If the energy is strong it will progressively disassociate to all other things. The general flow of love:

  • oneself
  • a good friend
  • a stranger
  • a difficult person
  • all four equally
  • the entire universe, gradually

The feels that are developed are through wishing happiness and well-being to all living and non-living things. This meditation technique can be further aided by chanting words that evoke “boundless warm-hearted feelings”. Visualizing the sufferings of others and sending love is another way of strengthening this energy. The more you practice this method, the more joy you will experience.

Is It For Me? :

Are you too down on yourself or have hatred towards others ? Do you feel the need to improve all aspects of your relationships with the world? Loving-Kindness Meditation will help you in all these aspects. This meditation is ideal for both self-centred and selfless people. In general it will improve your general happiness. You cannot feel love-kindness and depression at the same time. It is also often recommended, by Buddhist teachers, as an antidote to insomnia, nightmares, or anger issues.